Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Hello All,

I hope all is well!

I have been asked a lot through emails, how I am and is it working. I must say I am over joyed with the amount of emails- They are great. Everyday I hear from someone new or a stranger that has heard about my challenge. I will return everyone of them. I am surprised how many people have been affected by ALS-by knowing someone that has it. I have gotten at least ten emails of people that know someone. And I welcome them because I am curious of there story and where they are in there challenge(my new word for ALS). I want to be able to tell them stem cells are a viable treatment option. Far too many people know about them but do not the how's and the where's. Meaning how do they work for the challenge (ALS) ahead and where are the best places to go. Well, I was approached to do a story about me and my challenge. I thought long and hard about not doing it-because of my family. I have discussed it with them and although some disagree, I am going to do it. I think with emphasis on why I am here and the treatments options, I can get the word out that there is hope! I have seen first hand the people that have waited too long to do anything or they just don't know. I look at it this way, if I can reach one person and have them get the treatment I have received, then the story was well worth it. And 18 out of 20 people at the hospital did not have the challenge(ALS). They had MS, Ataxia, SPI-Spinal Cord Injuries, Stroke. So if people get the word out, there is HOPE!

As for me-I could not have gotten through this without my sister Andra. She was my crutch while I was here. When I was scared she comforted me, when I was sick as a dog, she was right there holding my head. We have gotten so much closer because of my challenge. So there is some good that comes out of this-And one other thing-Andra-Love you!

All the re-connections I have made are wonderful. People I do not even know have emailed. People I have not talked in 20 years now email three times a week. The support has far surpassed anything I can dream of! And my family of course, have come to the forefront and stepped up big time. I love you all!

My spirits have never been better! I have the most positive outlook on my future. There are still mountains climb and oceans to swim-but I am much more prepared than I have ever been. Yeah, I still think about my challenge and the "what ifs" but this month has taught me to live and live well. I have always been a positive person but when I first got wind of the challenge ahead, I saw the glass as half empty. Who wouldn't!! But as time came and went and the support poured in and the treatment options broadened-I started to think, "I can beat this and beat it good".

So I end this post saying there will be many more in the coming days. Enjoy the pics.
"If He(God) brings you to it, He will bring you through it".


Adiela said...

Hi drew, You are amazing! I think its awesome what you're doing. Your insight and experience will have an impact om many people facing the same challenge. I am so happy for you and your family that you have come through this a stronger person and more hopeful. You are an inspiration to us all. :)

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely RIGHT... about EVERYTHING!!! I'm thrilled that you are having such a positive affect from this process-mental, spiritual, physical!!! keep strong buddy... thinking of you often...very often:)
the liners

courtney said...

im so glad to hear happy things, i hope you and your sister are enjoying yourselves and im glad to hear that youve gotten closer, good luck<3

Anonymous said...

Hi Drew, Kris forwarded your blog to me. I just read all of it. You're going through so much. Tell me, how do you manage to keep looking so beautiful? I'm so glad to see that smile still beaming on your face! It's been a long time since we've seen you, but that's how I remember you. Keep up the positive attitude. Be strong. We're all thinking of you. I'll be in touch again soon. If you haven't found a doctor yet, Dr. Lok in Westport is an acupuncturist from China. He's really good. Does the same kind of treatment with the electric stimulators on the needles. Afterward, a great massage. Very smart and very kind. 226-9616. Keep your spirits up. You're going to make it! Tell mom I'm thinking of her too. Talk to you soon. With lots of love, Ginny

Anonymous said...

PS Happy July 4th!