Saturday, June 16, 2007

more pics

Greta from Romania getting her toes done
My guy doing the do-it's short for the first in two years
Mom this is a question to you-read the the computer screen
This one better for you to read mom-let me know you think-the haircut was 50RMB=US 7.25$
My stemcell injection went extremely well-no side affects what so ever. And I have a spring in my step! I tell you the acupuncture is really working. I am in the midst of finding a doctor in the states. Being in a new world sort of makes me wonder-the people are really not so different than us in there morals. The Chinese are so interested in westerners. As I am in them. Well I must go and take pictures-my buddy Sorin and Greta are leaving for Romania tonight-they are like family. Andra and Greta really bonded. You know the only thing that stinks is saying goodbye-because you will probably never see them again-although I am definitely heading to Moldova to see Boris. I want to see him play soccer!
Bye for now-as I say every post, the support you guys have sent my way touches my heart every time I get an email-without the emails and texts I do not know what I would do!
"There is no impossibility to him who stands prepared to conquer every hazard. The fearful are the failing"


Anonymous said...

You look great. Nice hair-do. Yanks' have cut the sox lead to 8 1/2 but they still have a long way too go.
Do you have an ETA for when you're coming home?
Speak w/ you soon! :-)

Adiela said...

Hi Drew, You look amazing! I love reading your journal, you have an inspiring spirit. Keep it up. Stay strong, healthy and keep smiling :) Love the DO, very hot. :)

P & P said...

Drew...I've been out of the country for a week and am just catching up on your Blog. Yes! your mom will like your hair....It has been great following your progress and everyone is anxious to have you back home. I never knew you were such a good writer. It is apparent that you have made some wonderful friends in China....
It is a tribute to you ....people are pretty receptive all over the world if we would only give each other the chance. Stay well....see you when you get home.

courtney said...

i like your hairrr!