Thursday, May 31, 2007

Day 4

Hi All,
That is me in my room-14Th floor-we have a great view-there is mountain range in the far right of the picture, you can wee the slant of the hill-there will be more to come-excuse the appearance this was taken after I got back from Acupuncture hell!!

When they show you the needle that goes into your back, you don't need the gas to put you asleep-you faint right then and there!

It is 6 inches long-fortunately I got put to sleep. They wheel you from you suite to a room that reminded me of the X-files episode. It was set way in the corner of the hospital and it had electric doors that made a swoosh sound! I thought I would run into Agents-Mulder and Scully!! Anyway-they curled me up like a ball to stretch my vertebrae and they gassed me up and from there I do not know anything that went on except that my back was sore from that needle. And to boot I had to lie completely still for 6 hours. You know me, I could not sit still for ten minutes-it was brutal. But I came through and this morning I felt sore but otherwise fine. Then came 10am and I was brought to the acupuncture chamber of hell. I endured being in hell for a half hour but Andra was there so she took my mind off it. There has been no change yet in my speech or right arm although I am walking with more balance-that is a good sign.

They say nothing major happens till 48 hours. So pray as I will do the same.
Otherwise life in China is good. Andra and I went to Sea World-where there are a lot of westernized restaurants. We picked "The California steak house". I had fillet-it was a flank steak folded over and made to look thick like a fillet-I needed a buzz saw to cut it. I should have had the rib eye like Andra. A friend of mine said, she had a friend that went to china and she lived on PB and J. Well that seems like the logical choice now that I know the food in China is deceitful!!! I even found Skippy peanut butter.

In closing-Thank You so much for replies both on the blog and emails. It touches my heart every time my phone buzzes and it's family and friends telling me to "keep strong". KEEP THEM COMING

You guys are incredible!!!!!!!

"Darkness has a hunger that's insatiable and lightness has a call that's hard to hear" SO LISTEN MORE!!!
Song-Closer to Fine-Indigo Girls.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

day 3

Hi All,

As I made my way down stairs to the 4th floor I was amazed at how many people they can fit into one elevator! It should be on "that's incredible".

Anyway, I went down there(rehab unit) for acupuncture. What I thought and what really is, are two totally different things. I thought it was that they put needles just under the skin and leave them. I was dead wrong! She(Weu-her name) put the needles directly into the muscle, about a half inch in! Then they strap wires to them that omit an electric shock. So painful. And then to boot they put them all around my neck and mouth. I am going to take a pic and put it on this. It looks like something out of the movie 'saw"! They say it will help stimulate my esophagus muscles. We will see!

Andra and I have done quite a bit shopping. They have amazing deals. You can bargain with them too. I am in sales so that is helpful!!

I have met some really great people from around the globe

Sorri-champion wrestler from Romania-paralyzed
Boris-Russia-Same as me 43 years old ALS and you should try and hear us communicate-he talks the same way I do.
Just to name a few!!

Andra is cooking pasta for the gang tonight. But I can't eat because after my first stem cell I cannot move for 6 hours!

Bye for now-my next blog you will know the outcome of my first treatment!!


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day 2

Hi All,

Well it is day 2 and we are getting used the Chinese way-everything is crowded and slow moving! You know I am impatient-sooo. I try and say something but they just look at me with a perplexed look. And besides the people at the hospital, I have not seen one other non Chinese person around. But they interested in westerners so they ask questions. If I had a video camera of me trying to talk and them talking back me in Chinese-it would be funny.

Tomorrow is my first stem cell treatment-wish me luck and prayers!!

More to follow food awaits!


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day I

Hey All,

Well we finally got here after a 17 hour flight. Which was very comfortable by the way and the food was excellent. The line at customs was a whole different story. An hour wait!! It was a half hour through Hong Kong to the mainland China border. Which again, we had to go through immigration. And once in the mainland, it was twenty minutes to the Nanshan Hospital in the Shenszhen Provence. The room is moderate and comfy. And the TV has ESPN-thank God. There a few people here from America. One from Romania. Twenty one in all-it is full in the Stem Cell ward. The nurses are great and friendly. And my doctor, Dr. Yang was great. Today -Sunday at 6:30am is a day to get supplies! Andra and I will be venturing out to get the lay of the land. The city is ultra modern. Huge high rises everywhere and it is very clean! I have seen quite a few McDonald's and KFC's and Pap John's. And the ever popular Starbucks.

I am off to get poked and prodded and then to venture out!

Make it a great day,

" Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows" Helen Keller

Friday, May 25, 2007

Please feel free to start a dialogue. I look forward to it!!!!!!11

The Journey to begin Living

Hi All,

It is 7:15am on the morning of May25th 2007. I am nervously excited as I start my journey to China. I have been tossing and turning all night wondering where I get my strength, but I dig deep and find the answer, always, somewhere in my mind's abyss. It is branded in my brain, like at birth they said this one, will never give up! It is a weird feeling but I know deep down there is a greater cause behind this. A friend told me yesterday that this will be my calling when I get better-to breathe life back into people and talk about my experience with this illness and my journey to get better.

Well I still need to pack and and my ride to the airport leaves at 11am.

Make it a great day!!