Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day I

Hey All,

Well we finally got here after a 17 hour flight. Which was very comfortable by the way and the food was excellent. The line at customs was a whole different story. An hour wait!! It was a half hour through Hong Kong to the mainland China border. Which again, we had to go through immigration. And once in the mainland, it was twenty minutes to the Nanshan Hospital in the Shenszhen Provence. The room is moderate and comfy. And the TV has ESPN-thank God. There a few people here from America. One from Romania. Twenty one in all-it is full in the Stem Cell ward. The nurses are great and friendly. And my doctor, Dr. Yang was great. Today -Sunday at 6:30am is a day to get supplies! Andra and I will be venturing out to get the lay of the land. The city is ultra modern. Huge high rises everywhere and it is very clean! I have seen quite a few McDonald's and KFC's and Pap John's. And the ever popular Starbucks.

I am off to get poked and prodded and then to venture out!

Make it a great day,

" Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows" Helen Keller


Anonymous said...

Hi Drew this is Karla Smyth, Im in Costa Rica, but thinking about you, Im happy everything is going well, God is with you..............

Anonymous said...

hey drew! ... haha very few ppl can live w/o ESPN and mcdonalds... i am not one of them... the yankees need to start shaping up!!!