Friday, May 25, 2007

Please feel free to start a dialogue. I look forward to it!!!!!!11


Adiela said...

Im happy to hear you had a comfy trip there. 17 hour flight! Wow and I was dreading my 6 hour flight to Colombia. I cant complain now. Seems like you have alot of the comforts from home, but Im sure the pizza doesn't compare. Glad to know that the Doctor and nurses are nice, thats always reasurring. Get lots of rest and keep blogging. :) :)

Michele Somody said...

Hi Drew,
We are glad to hear that you made it China and that you are starting to settle in.

We look forward to hearing all about your experiences and progress.

Anonymous said...

Hi Drew! Big day tomorrow with the first shot of stem cells. You are in the prayers of hundreds upon hundreds of people.LYL.
Fr. Bob

Tina said...

Hi Drew,
Glad to hear that you're doing well in China despite the long needles and horrible food : )
Hang in there and know that Doug and I are thinking of you and praying that the stem cell procedure helps in every way possible.
xoxo, Tina

SybIan said...

Drew, We have such good thoughts about you. Cord stem cell procedure is a giant step forward. Be patient ( not so easy, but worth it!) Give your body time to use the stem cells that have been placed in you.
One thing is for sure..God loves you!!!Just be patient.
Ian and Syb