Friday, May 25, 2007

The Journey to begin Living

Hi All,

It is 7:15am on the morning of May25th 2007. I am nervously excited as I start my journey to China. I have been tossing and turning all night wondering where I get my strength, but I dig deep and find the answer, always, somewhere in my mind's abyss. It is branded in my brain, like at birth they said this one, will never give up! It is a weird feeling but I know deep down there is a greater cause behind this. A friend told me yesterday that this will be my calling when I get better-to breathe life back into people and talk about my experience with this illness and my journey to get better.

Well I still need to pack and and my ride to the airport leaves at 11am.

Make it a great day!!



drewsstemcellforum said...


drewsstemcellforum said...


Phil said...

I think you leave today or have already left, It's friday mornig Vegas time.
I look forward to hearing about the progress. Keep us posted. And STAY STRONG.

It was great hanging out last week, thansk again fo rcoming saturday, it meant allot to everyone.

Maggie Morris said...


We wish you the best of luck, a safe trip, and will be praying for you.
Maggie and Rex

jason said...

hey Drew I look forward to reading about your Progress!!!! have a great time and a safe flight..

See you when you get home

Jason r

Phil & Peggy said... was great having dinner Monday evening with you, your Mom & Father Bob. Hope the trip to China was uneventful and that you are resting. Our prayers are with you and we will keep in touch.

Smyth said...

whats up brother, let me know what dates should i book my flight, I will fly back with you if you want let me know. Keep your head up and stay away from the massage parlors, love you

Anonymous said...

that's right, never forget it!