Wednesday, May 30, 2007

day 3

Hi All,

As I made my way down stairs to the 4th floor I was amazed at how many people they can fit into one elevator! It should be on "that's incredible".

Anyway, I went down there(rehab unit) for acupuncture. What I thought and what really is, are two totally different things. I thought it was that they put needles just under the skin and leave them. I was dead wrong! She(Weu-her name) put the needles directly into the muscle, about a half inch in! Then they strap wires to them that omit an electric shock. So painful. And then to boot they put them all around my neck and mouth. I am going to take a pic and put it on this. It looks like something out of the movie 'saw"! They say it will help stimulate my esophagus muscles. We will see!

Andra and I have done quite a bit shopping. They have amazing deals. You can bargain with them too. I am in sales so that is helpful!!

I have met some really great people from around the globe

Sorri-champion wrestler from Romania-paralyzed
Boris-Russia-Same as me 43 years old ALS and you should try and hear us communicate-he talks the same way I do.
Just to name a few!!

Andra is cooking pasta for the gang tonight. But I can't eat because after my first stem cell I cannot move for 6 hours!

Bye for now-my next blog you will know the outcome of my first treatment!!



Jonette said...

Good morning Drew:) You're hysterical. sounds like you're turning a life challenge into a positive experience. Looking forward to hearing about your first treatment!

Courtney said...

hey drew, its courtney, christines daughter.. just saying good luck, dont come back speaking chinese your mom will be so confused, have fun. and good luck :)

Michele Somody said...

Hey Drew,
You have not lost your sense of humor. Every morning we read your blog and it makes us feel good and encouraged.

We hope that your first treatment went well (I thought accupuncture was just sticking needles in your skin too).

Adiela said...

Hi Drew, It sounds very uncomfortable but its good to hear that you are taking it with some humor. All of the pain will be worth it in the end. Keep up the great spirit and Im looking forward to reading more about your progress. :) :)

Anonymous said...

hey drew! wow your journey has begun and you are an incredible guy for keeping a positive sense of humor on the situation. such an inspiration. i wish you the best of luck w/ your stem cell research and remember to always keep God close to you. he is the one who pulled me threw...

Peg & Phil said...

Drew...your attitude is great. Can't wait to see those photo's. Pasta in China??? Sounds like you're in "little Italy." Viewed a couple of great pictures from the Saltwater Grill Party...Phil will send. Talk to you soon.