Tuesday, June 5, 2007

This the Hospital-it is 22 stories high
Just thought you would get a picture in your mind!!
More pics to come later
I am in great spirits!!


Anonymous said...

aawww!!! when you get a chance..."tell me more!!!!"
you are a great writer...just to let you know...


Adiela said...

You look fantastic! It seems like they are taking real good care of you over there. Happy to hear that you are in good spirits and Im excited to read more and see new pics. :) :) Keep smiling !

Bob said...

Drew - keep fighting the good fight!

It's fortunate that they offer this treatment SOMEWHERE in the world! Get better soon so you can get back here and help convince the people in our country that they should offer it too!

Until then, stay as positive as you are, think good thoughts and keep writing!

B. Kennedy