Tuesday, June 12, 2007

3rd Injection

Hey All,

Hope all is well!

I had my third injection Monday afternoon. I had to lay on my back for a day and a half because I had a severe headache which was not a big deal. What is a big deal is my hand is getting a little better and my walking is noticeably better. My gait was way off-that means your hips are not aligned therefore you walk with an unbalanced stride. Let's prayer it lasts.

My friend and running-mate-Boris left Sunday night. I am sad because he was the only one that can relate to articulating effectively when you have bulbar symptoms-you just can't. I got an email from him saying, he made home in one piece. And that I have an open invite to Moldova-I think I am really going to go. The one thing that stinks with Boris and I-the odds are not in our favor-although we are fighting with everything we have. I just hope he has access to the same care I do.

Otherwise I am in great spirits. Andra seems to have made quite a few friends. Greta from Romania and Jodi from Australia-there shopping buddies! We have a 12 year old boy named Mustaffa from Egypt-I just found out he is originally from Iraq. He was shot last year in a battle with the Americans in his hometown. He was shot in the neck. He is paralyzed from mid waist down. He and his family moved to Egypt to get better care for him. His smile will light up a room and he has many girlfriends in Egypt eagerly awaiting his return! He is my inspiration-he always looks on the bright side of everything. I need to do that more. Through him I am!

Well, I am off to therapy. I would have posted photos but Andra has the camera and is out with Jodi from Australia.

Photos to follow.
Love Drew

"he who is given much, much is expected from him" Maybe God has a reason for all of this..............

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Jonette said...

Hi Drew, sorry to hear you're bummed about Boris leaving...the sad thing about getting close to someone is having to leave them, but the positive is how great it is that your paths crossed and how much you've both learned from each other.

Praying for you & looking forward to seeing you when you get home! :)