Friday, June 15, 2007

4TH Injection today your time 4AM

Taken from a restaurant
A courtyard outside our window

It is a great day here in Shenzhen. I was up at 3am trading texts with Gregg S.-that was great to hear from him so quickly. We usually talk almost everyday but since I have been here it hasn't been that way. So it was nice.

I had a good morning of acupuncture and PT. My Physical Therapist-Bing Bing-is a great guy. He tries to say everything I say. It's funny, but we teach each other the opposite language. And then Olivia-her US name-Wee is the real name, is my acupuncturist. She is great and asks me almost everyday why am I not married-I say, ask my sister-she laughs. She actually speaks good english. And she is model pretty-so that makes it interesting. Now, I am awaiting them to take me to the Stem Cell transplant room! I have been in touch with man upstairs and through our dialogue, he reassured, that he was still carrying me through this period in my life. That is a good thing I told him because my balance is not 100% yet-although it is getting much better and without him I just might fall!

The weather is so damn hot. But sunny-sort of like Florida in the summer. Oh, I forgot. I got my PICC line in my arm taken out yesterday. For the first time since October 25th 2006, I do not have something attached and in my arm. And I do not have to take a shower with a plastic thing on my arm. Liberating!!

Bye all and thanks for the continued support!


If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes".


Anonymous said...

yeah!!! no more picc!!! making progress!!!! i'm thrilled for you. the man upstairs has got your back and so do we!!!
thinking of you much,
russ, day, and dean

Gina Kohr said...

Good to hear that your PICC line is out. You are making great strides. I admire everything you are doing. Take care, Gina

courtney said...

hey drew im sorry i havent written to y ou in a while but its been the start of summer and i hate my house so i need to get out ive been trying to be out with friends as much as i can, im glad you seem happy, i hope everythings going well. and even though i havent written ive been thinking of you..