Friday, June 1, 2007


I will enter Day 4-5 tonight-A lot has happened so stay tuned folks! The first two are views from the room-they are identical. I do not know how to delete one!! The third pic is our room-it is comfy-we have all the Chinese stations- I watch ESPN and MTV is Chinese!! Pic 4-me a day after having my first treatment. Pic 5-This is Boris and I out to dinner at Mustang Sally's w/ Andra. He has ALS too and talks like me. His diagnoses was two years ago. He played for the Russian National Soccer team for 17 years and went to 4 World Cups. Now he the Junior national team head coach! You should see us talking-we sound like aliens!!
We are going to Lo Hue-shopping abound.
Have a Great Day!
Having Faith gives us Hope


courtney said...

i like the pictures, i hope your having a good time through all of this and good luck<3

Jonette said...

We're tuned...looking forward to hear about all that's happened. God speed!

Adiela said...

Great pics! You look like your'e doing well. Keep the pictures and the journal entries coming. :) :) said...


You are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong!

Laureen & Tony Rich