Friday, June 8, 2007

Sick Days

With vocal stimulator on. It sends a shock through your vocal muscles-feels kinda cool

Me on my physical therapy bed ready to get my hands and legs massaged. They first massage then they have me do coordination exercises

Hey All,

I am sorry about the lapse in bloogin! Truth be told I was praying to the porcelain God around 1:30am Wednesday night. I started to shiver badly and then I had a battle with" hot and then cold and then hot again gods". For the next two days my temp reached 104. I was sweating like hog in heat!! The nurses were great, they would give me alcohol baths to try and bring the fever out. They would be in my room non stop till about two hours ago and it is Friday 2:53 pm. I had to have my stem cell injection today at 4pm pushed back till Monday. When you have a fever over 100 the stem cells die. I cannot take the chance.

It was scary in the first part of the sickness. After I discharged half of my body-I could not catch my breath. I had to go on oxygen. See, when you have ALS one of the first things to fail is your ability move your diaphragm effectively. I do not have the ability to inhale like a normal person. The amount of strength it takes to breathe goes unnoticed till you can't control it. So I cannot do anything strenuous-but I do!!! because that is who I am. Anyway-I could not catch my breathe for about 4hrs. It was both a pain in the ass and a sign I need to stay healthy because any sickness I contract has more potential to do harm then the normal person. So yesterday I laid in bed all day sweating my guts outs out. I lost 7 pounds total!

But I am better and will go to my occupational and physical therapy today.

Good news-I am getting a fifth injection. Keep your fingers crossed. As I look outside my window on the 14th floor and hear the crackle of thunder-I must say I miss home and you guys.
And the food at home-man you don't know what your missing until you can't have it or can't find it!!

Smile, wave to someone-say I love you
Life is too short not to!!!
more to follow


P & P said...

Hey Drew...1-4-0-3, new lucky numbers when you go to Vegas. I think I will use them myself. Nice shorts...did you by them in Bejing Ha! Keep up the good fight...we are praying for you.

Michele Somody said...

Thanks for sharing....we hope that you are feeling MUCH better today.

Just for you...I am going to smile all day long!

Much love and prayers

Michele and Bob

Jeff (in KY) said...

Sounds like you drank one too many glasses of some strange Chinese alcoholic beverage. I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope the injections are helping. I'll check in on you later!

courtney said...

FEEL BETTER, im always praying.

jenny said...

We love you Andrew! Your strength is AMAZING. Danny Babbidge (from hyperion) sent me an email today asking for you :)

Anonymous said...

Drew - Hi - It's Nicole Cantore Koester... I have been keeping up with your blog and printing it out for TJ to read... we are doing our basement over and I disconnected the computer home for 2 weeks now - He really wanted me to send you his hello - we are really thinking about you a lot and praying for the best! xoox - NCK