Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November 26 2007

November 26 2007

Not a chill to the winter but a nip to the air-- is the weather here in Shenyang!!

Well I had my 5th injection last night. It went well. No drugs no pain. But the thing I hate is the lying down after. I stared for 4 hours at the drip from my I.V.

Everyone here is so positive. Mike-from Toronto-his son Ryan came on Sunday and you can see the physical difference by just looking at him. Mike and I are facing what no else is facing here-the path of time and time waits for no one. So we have a sort of bond, and unspoken bond. Not to take anything away from the other people here w/ us. But they are almost assured of living well into their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s and beyond. We don’t have that luxury. I’m not angry about the fact that they are trying to better there lives and we are trying to save our’s. Like I’ve always stated, that’s wasted energy. It’s just a different journey that we are on. I would not change my situation because I’m the in the best state of mind I’ve ever been in.

Through this challenge I’ve become a much better person. I’m seeing many things that amaze me: people, love, strangers and rekindling old friendships. Having someone I love and hold dear to my heart, forgive me. That forgiveness was a direct result of me peeling the layers off and getting back to the Drew she always knew was underneath all those layers. For that I'm grateful for my situation. I listen and love on a much deeper level. I’ve slowed down to smell the roses-so to speak.

I wrote this in 2 different sittings. I don’t know why I wrote this but hey, it’s a blog and sometimes I write what I’m feeling at that moment. It’s 11:48pm and I’m signing off.

“He runs wishing he could fly only to trip at the sound of goodbye”


Tami Britskey said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts, it gives many of us inspiration and hope that life is what you make of it and appreciating all of the small things we take for granted has been put in a better perspective for many of us. I am friends with Mike and Donna and their son Ryan, he calls me Mrs. B and I have them in my thoughts and prayers every day. I will add you to my prayers and am happy that you have been able to enjoy their friendship as well. All the best in your journey, keep writing as it gives hope to us all.
Tami Britskey

Gina (Santoro) Kohr said...

You have such a wonderful outlook on things. When I read your blog, it really touches my heart. You are an amazing person with a great spirit.

Janice Masterton said...

Hey Drew, I'm a friend of Donna and Mike's and have been reading the updates daily and enjoying the pics. You have all been blessed with finding your inner spirit and humanity, it's something everyone should feel but we don't until we have to. I have faith your journey will have a great outcome...keep your positive outlook.
Janice Masterton.
Ajax, Ontario

Anonymous said...

you just made me smile, drew schemera.

Anonymous said...

we miss you...when are you coming back!!! And yes, you just made us smile too!