Friday, November 2, 2007

24hrs and counting

Hey Folks,
I am leaving! Tomorrow. I will have access to my blackberry for email-texts and phone calls. My # 914.621.1291. Feel free. And of course my blog-and I am bringing a DVD handy cam for streaming video on the blog.

I recently had lunch with a gentlemen from an ALS Charity Organization called "Project Main Street". Mike(whom I went to lunch with), is heavily involved and a great advocate on helping to fight my challenge. Checkout the website please.

Take care and keep in touch

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Phil said...

Hey Drew....good luck on your trip tomorrow. We will be praying for you. Take care of your mom. I just bumped into her a couple of hours ago and she is anxious about the plane ride as can be expected. Bring some "power bars" and a lot of books. Looking forward to hearing from you......
Peggy & Phil S