Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Daily doing's


It’s 8am and I’m wide awake. I couldn’t sleep last night so I watched Sienfeld. I love that show. It’s about nothing and everything at the same time.
The internet is down once again and I’m writing so I won’t forget.

I have received some very kind words from north of the border (Canada). Mike, Donna and Ryan’s family and friends are some great people. Eh!!
We have both extended our stays for more stem cell treatments-hey when in Rome!!
Andra and I went to the new market, which is an 8 story mall. It’s so crowded. Wall to wall people and clothes.

4:25 pm Same day

We just got back from the Carrefore market and let me tell you!! It’s like they’ve never seen a guy in shorts before. Mind you, it’s 25f degrees but still! They were literally laughing and pointing. I just chalked it up to my good looks!! Ha-ha. Boy, was I a fool. Carrefore was supposed to be an “upscale wal-mart”. I’d take wal-mart any day. It was like the running of the bulls in Pamplona. And I’m not as nimble as once was so I was holding on for dear life! And then I braved it and went to the meat section-feet, necks and hearts had me moving at the speed of light to get away from the smell. And the eggs-they have every color-white, black, blue, gray and brown. Let’s just say, I’ve had my fair share of subway, McDonalds, KFC and pasta-they have barilla pasta and sauce-a godsend. The vegetables are incredible. The string beans-I eat raw.
I have lost 7 pounds which is good.
good night

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