Monday, November 12, 2007

A Clarification

To the "anonymous blogger" who left this:

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[The Journey] New comment on Pics of Rehab.

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Just want to point out that ALS is one kind of motor neuron disease, which involves both upper and lower motor neurons. Posted by Anonymous to The Journey at November 12, 2007 4:42 PM

It was in response to the post where I talked about Phil & Barbara from Canada. She has what she and her doctors call "upper motor neuron disease". She has worse symptoms than me but the same symptoms. I said," it was like ALS". ALS is both upper and lower motor neuron-I live with it every god damn day. I saw another woman from Australia who "upper motor neuron disease" and she has the same symptoms as me and her doctors ruled out ALS. By no means was I implying that ALS is only upper or lower. It's both but no matter in conversations I've had with these two woman trying to convince otherwise is a grand challenge. Maybe there doctors are right or they don't want to face the fact there going to die. I don't know. I've accepted the fact that I'm facing a herculean task at best and I think with that acceptance comes a calmness. Hey, I'm livin' and fighting-would not have it any other way. The way other people's perceptions on this disease differ is there prerogative---whatever works for them.

So to the "anonymous" writer it's a matter of differentiating opinions when it comes to motor neuron disease. I've been to some of the best docs in the world and each one has said something different. So how the patient interprets the info or how the doctor explains the diagnoses differs. All I was doing was letting you know what friends I've made here have. Nothing more nothing less.

As for me the 2nd injection went well. I'm trying to get pics ready for you all. They will be up soon. New people from Port St. Lucie,FL. are here. He was in a car accident-Spinal cord injury and do to lack of oxygen he is blind(from the crash)- great guy. Mom is well-she is making friends with everyone and going shopping w/ her buddies.

Talk soon,
Paul Tillich wrote, "It is man only who is able to face his death consciously; that belongs to his greatness and dignity."

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Anonymous said...

I can't stop thinking about you, not for one minute. When you arrive back on American gound, you BETTER see me. God, I wish you knew how much I really love you.