Wednesday, November 26, 2008

when you make the "THE PRAYER LIST" you know you're sick.....

To all: Please pray for the following:
1-Jenna-Thanksgiving-successful surgery and clean MRI
2-Brian Moran, KM-repose of soul
3-Melody Garges-now in hospice-Melody has been battling cancer and side efects for so many years. Her parents, Tom and Sarah Flood, are two of the greatest people/parents in the world-and great examples of faith within the Order of Malta. Please pray and storm the heavens for special healing for Melody and God's Peace as well!
4-Baby Presley-special healing
5-Drew S.-special healing
6-Kirsten Lawley-38 year old mother with breast cancer and 4 children under 9.
7-JB-cataract surgery on Tuesday
8-A D'A--Alzheimer's disease
9-Seton Fell-special healing
10-Kim Renzi-special healing
11-Jim O'S-special healing
12-Kevin H-special intentions
13-Kennedy S.-special healing
14-Devon Lam-Thanksgiving- Devon has stabilized and may be returning home this week. Continue to storm the heavens for wee Devon!
15-Mike P.-guidance for right treatment of lung cancer
16-Kari-special intentions
17-Jonathan R.-special intentions
18-Keith Cassidy-ruptured appendix
19-Joanne P-Thanksgiving-prayers answered, but still 5 more days for novena!


maggie said...

it never hurts to have prayer on our side, my prayers, blessings and positive thoughts are with you......


Anonymous said...

My prayers are always with you Drew!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Drew - You are in my heart and I ask my Dad everynight in my prayers to help keep you safe and keep your fight alive. Every day is a gift as every one of us is only here on borrowed time, and all we can know about the future for sure is that each day will come only one at a time. I hope your days are filled with as much inspiration as you've given those that love you.

Much Love,
Michele Hogan