Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the rebuttal

IPLEX is way more than just a growth hormone, better said it's -- IGF-I with a synthetic that binding protein BP3. -- I won't even go into the under dosing aspects of clinical trials .
I totally understand that most people are caught in the middle of uncertainty a doubt created by the so called "Scientific Community" which have as a job to burst any bubble of hope. No doctor is willing to support anything unless they see absolute & categoric "evidence" because lawyers are their biggest concern. I wonder if Dr. Sorensen from the Mayo Clinic or any other neurologists at any of the major neuromuscular centers in the United States (or the entire world for that matter) are willing to share their justification (or evidence) to support prescribing Rilutek, which again almost every major neurologist in the world and least officially supports.
Like I said, doctors are paralized by the fear of getting sue. Most are not willing to go outside their little comfort zone, in the name of "evidence" and are absolutely not willing to stick out their necks for what is right, concerning their patients.
Our medical model (just like the rest of our country's systems and processes) are being held hostage by lawyers, big pharma and special interests. It is a system that practices a profession based on fear, arrogance , cash, and absolutely no guts.
Very few doctors are brave enough to stand up to the official way of thinking, at the expense of being labeled quacks, getting sued or losing credibility with colleagues.
But they're are out there. There is an organization
www.acam.org which lists many innovative doctors across the country, I believe that once they're brought up to speed on IPLEX they will be more than willing to prescribe it
But that's just one man's opinion .
Eddie Spaghetti) Esparza
"Si Se Puede"(YES WE CAN!!)
Cesar Chávez

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