Tuesday, November 18, 2008

pics of my travels to hangzhou, china for stem cells

i broke the bed w/ my leg

angie and my sis

they threw me a going away
they're awesome people

that is my PALS/friend Lenny-he has my challenge
that is Robin to my left-she planned the party-great lady

me miserable w/ needles in face and hands


Anonymous said...

Hi Drew,
I am a close friend and neighbor of Bob and Gigi. Their daughter Amy directed me to your web site. It is very cool. If I had a daughter, I would definitely want her to meet you! ( ::
Please tell Bob and Gigi I send a hug and here's one for you too!
Kris Fox-Kellogg

DixieMartn said...


As always, I think your pictures are incredible. I hope all is well. My prayers are with you always.