Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Hey All,

Hope you are well!
I am doing good and staying positive. I received this quote from a friend and it sums up my drive to beat my challenge!
"People are driven by FEAR or by KNOWLEDGE"-in my case it is both!

I recently visited a nutritionist and converted about 80% of my diet to organic. And I have to swear off sugar-which is proving very difficult. They have organic pop tarts! Who knew! They are good!

I am hoping that it will do something good because some of the food is really bland!

Talk soon,


The Life and Times of Master Kai said...

hi drew - it's been a long long time since we've seen each other. I randomly found this journal of your challenge and just wanted you to know that I'm in your corner and will send as much good karma as I can your way. I think it's great that your working so hard to make your life better. It shows what a true man you are inside. The pics from China were amazing, I'll glad it was such a wonderful experience (sans any pain of course) and I think it great you have plans to go back! I'll stay in touch and follow your journey!
Know your surrounded by friends - even childhood friends. All my love and best wishes.
Stacy (Dell) Rossetti

COURTNEY said...

DREWWW ITS COURTNEY, i was just in my friends car and she put on a song called Teardrops On My Guitar by Taylor Swift, and your name is in it about 100 times, thought you'd like to hear the song ;) hope your feeling well, and good luck with your new diet i hope its going well.

Jonette said...

Hi Drew,
I have been thinking about you...I hope you are doing as well as you sound. Im sure that you have some bad days especially now that the excitement of your first china trip is through. Although do you have your next trip to start planning which sounds exciting! ... And as for raw foods, they are great. After you eat them for a while it's the other stuff you'll find to be gross. It feels like a beautiful fall day outside, enjoy the breeze:) xoxo - Jonette

Gina (Santoro) Kohr said...


I love reading everything you write. You are loved and supported by so many people. We are all pulling for you. Hope your new diet works out for you.

Take care - Gina