Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hey There

Sorry for the gap in writing-I was busy! Which is good because when I have time to think about the future-well you know this is day to day--not a look in the future kind of thing!

I have been referred to the Gaylord Rehab in wallingford! It is the best for Neuro rehab-PT- OT and Speech-which I will be participating in what I like to call the "neuro decathlon"! I am excited because it is one on one-and for me that is great because I am relatively healthy so I need an aggressive regiment and that's what the neuro decathlon(ot,pt and speech) is!

My organic diet is getting better everyday-I heard from a friend in florida about some great choices of food in the organic slice of life-thank you for that!-I love the ezekiel bread!

Thanks for all the emails!
"one's character is formed in the face of ADVERSITY"


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