Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Hey Guys,

Got some good news at Yale yesterday. I took a breathing test to measure my ability to inhale and exhale. They wanted to see if my diaphragm was weakening. Well, I was in the 95%-that is higher than most normal people. And I know my swallowing had a lot to do with-I am told and that is a direct result of stemcells! Before china I could not swallow properly and I would choke on just about everything. Ever since halfway through my trip-I can swallow, gulp and breathe again normally! Now if the cells would just go to my toungue and hand!! It is the small victories that win a war!

Acupuncture is going so well! And I am well-I have good and bad days but the bad days are not that bad! And thanks to you I have so much support!

I have a bunch of pics and some news coming soon!

Talk soon,


Courtney said...

DDREWWWW! im sooo glad to hear all the good news, im sorry i havent been on in a while, i broke my sidekick, which my mom told you, thanks for the blackberry, i dont know if i can use it yet cause of the plan i have but my sisters boyfriend will tell me.. anyway, im happy your doing good.. and im still praying, i even got my friends praying for you.. alot of bad stuff has happened this summer, like my friends dad shot himself in the heart! another friend of mine just got back from his senior trip from the bahamas and his 2 little brothers 6 and 8 were with their mom and uncle in atlanta and the uncle fell asleep at the wheel and both kids are dead and the mom is in icu.. the uncles fine and the other car had two little boys under the age of 12 who died also and their mom is in icu also.. crazy to think 4 little boys under the age of 12.. they didnt even make it to highschool.. i know im still little and i have alot to see, but they really havent seen anything and theyre already gone. sorry for that depressing news, but im reeally glad to hear your doing soo well :) i have no jokes today but i think of some more for the next time im check up on you ;)

Gina Kohr said...

That is fantastic news! I am so happy to hear about the progress you are making. Always praying for you.


P & P said...

Drew....excellent news. Remember, every journey must begin with the first step. We are all praying for you.