Sunday, January 18, 2009

me vs. the night stand-i won....


Anonymous said...

So glad you won!! Nasty cut...must have given you one whopper of a headache!
I have been following your blog since June...thank you for providing so much up to date information.
I have a family member who is very ill ...yet to be definitely diagnosed (symptoms all of ALS, of course, we continue to pray for a miracle that has any other name)
Do you have an email address that I could contact you at to ask some questions?
Take Care

Anonymous said...

always a cutey...even with a big gash in your head dopey!!

hugs, p.

Anonymous said...

So glad you let the night stand have it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Drew,

I don't believe you did it on the nightstand as that looks like a certified puck in the head! Way to take one for your goalie. Always in our prayers Drew!

Kevin, Terry and Matthew

courtney said...

great fight haha, hope you didnt have too bad of a headache from that one! =)