Thursday, January 29, 2009

from my friend kirshner

That info was sent to me by Don Margolis. I have known him for some time and he often sends me info. Don can be a little soap boxy but he is also very good at uncovering some interesting and often overlooked information. The "theroy" may or may not be correct but history does show us some very interesting facts as does sceince. Embryonic stem cells have been proven to be unsafe. That is just a fact. Another fact is that studies involving humans and embryonic stem cells have been approved before and then pulled. This has happened more than once. To my knowledge only one has gone through for Batten's.The world of stem cells is very nasty and cut throat so do not be fooled by what you think you know as there is a very unpleasent underworld to it that you do not see or read about everyday. Stem cells are big big money and people will do some very strange and often inapprpriate things when bilions of dollars are involved.


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