Thursday, January 29, 2009

If you are trusting the FDA to protect you then you are following blindly. The FDA recalls several medicions every year secondary to adverse effects such as death that it had at some time in the past approved. The FDA approves unsafe drugs, products and such every year and people are injuried and die every year because of thier mistakes.Last year the FDA finally addmitted on record that they have no idea how to handle products involving stem cells. They finally came clean that thier guidelines are outdated and not appropriate when involving stem cells and that they need to set up all new polices to govern stem cells. They also admitted that they did not even have anyone within the FDA to guide them. They then annouced that they would hire new experts and set up a brand new panel to create stem cell policies and guidelines. Since this anouncement last year they have not publically made a statement as to what if any progress they have made.The FDA is far from perfect and only a fool would think that they are not subject to the making of mistakes. Do not trust blindly and do not be that fool. Be smart, be educated and look not only at what your goverment tells you as we all know our goverment is far from perfect, honest and angelic.BTW everything I have said above is fact not theroy and all of it is a matter of public record. Goggle and yahoo searches can reveal all of these things.


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