Saturday, April 12, 2008

Neuratax: A unique Motor Neuron Disease product.

Good news for Motor Neuron Disease sufferers

Fortunately for Motor Neuron Disease sufferers studies of the main and established traditional texts consistently highlight a number of plants and herbs for their ability to heal Motor Neuron Disease. Researchers at Botanical Sources having mined these texts finalized a list of the most effective plants and herbs for Motor Neuron Disease. A list of these plants and herbs with their specific properties can be found here (Please click). The most effective parts of the plants (e.g. stem, seed, leaves, roots etc) and the manner of extracting their inner content were established. As a result, we are now able to form a calculated mixture of these pure natural extracts in the form of an oral pill highly efficacious for Motor Neuron Disease. Where modern science has helped is firstly in establishing proper therapeutic dosage and secondly in testing the product for safety and side effects.
Following FDA and DSHEA guidelines at all stages of development we are now able to present what we believe is the most proven, effective, safe and easy to use product for healing Motor Neuron Disease and titled it Neuratax.

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Anonymous said...

I used the Neuratax supplement for 2 months but no cure and no improvement in Motor Neurone Disease
Raglan New Zealand