Thursday, April 10, 2008


IT MAKES YOU THINK...... AND ASK WHY.................

A man went to a shop, picked up a beautiful cup and said ‘My God! This cup is so beautiful’. Suddenly the cup started talking.
“Oh man, I am beautiful right now, but what was the state of my being before the pot-maker made me so beautiful? I was sheer mud when the potter pulled me out from mother earth. I felt wreathed in tremendous pain wile being separated from mother earth. But potter said, ‘just wait’. Then he churned me. I felt giddy when I was churned, and asked ‘why are you so cruel?’ he said ‘just wait’. Then he put me in an oven & heated me up. I felt completely burnt. There was tremendous pain and I asked again ‘why are you so cruel?He said ‘just wait’. After that he poured hot paint on me and I felt the fumes and irritation. I again asked ‘ why are you so cruel? He again said ‘just wait’. He put me into an oven and again heated me to make me strong, I felt life was so painful hence pleaded with the potter to leave me free. He said ‘ just wait’. And finally he took me to a mirror and said “now look at urself’. Lo, what a change! I found myself so beautiful.”
When you feel the pain, it means god is working on us to improve us-
THIS IS MY ANSWER-----------really, GOD, is that what you're doing?

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