Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Adult stem-cell successes add up

By Devon Williams(EP News)--Across the country and around the world, adult stem cells are showing promise for a variety of diseases.Researchers at the University of Wisconsin have injected a rat with modified bone-marrow stem cells to strengthen its muscles and their connecting nerves. Scientists are hopeful this will provide treatment for Lou Gehrig’s disease, which currently has no cure.Researchers at Texas A&M have discovered that bone-marrow stem cells injected into the brains of mice can repair stroke damage. They also demonstrated that adult stem cells can help prevent brain damage.“Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. ,” said David Prentice, senior fellow for life sciences at the Family Research Council. “This result, and the mechanism uncovered for adult stem cells, could lead to significant treatments not only for stroke and other brain disorders, but also for diseases and injuries to other tissues throughout the body.”And in Kyoto , Japan , researchers have discovered that adult stem cells present in the brains of mice continue to produce new brain cells that are important for memory and learning. The discovery may be able to help human patients who suffer from memory loss.

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