Wednesday, August 13, 2008


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The Repair Stem Cell Institute would like to congratulate Beike for the excellent work they are doing in the field of stem cell treatments. Throughout history, experimental treatments have been performed in academic settings and huge advancements in knowledge have been the result that all of mankind has benefited from. Beike is following this trail blazing attitude and doing so while maintaining an extremely high level of quality and standard of care and placing the needs of the patient at the forefront of their focus. We would like to join the academic institutions, their government and their world-wide patient base in voicing our support of their efforts in innovative technologies in general and stem cells specifically. We hope their example can be matched by many other treatment centers; to ultimately provide great benefits to science, medicine and the patients who are without significant treatment options and may be helped by stem cell treatments today.Visit our website, click on "Treatment Centers" and see what the Repair Stem Cell Institute was saying about Beike even before their P.R. was released. Without a doubt, they are the World’s #1 stem cell treatment center.
Keep up the good work!
David Granovsky
Senior Editor
Repair Stem Cell Institute

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