Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sad News

Here is a couple of photos of my friends-Claudio and Cinzia

Hey All,

I received an email from my friend Cinzia from Switzerland informing me of the passing of my dear friend Claudio. He was suffering from ALS but he died from a tired heart(heart attack). When I met him for the first time I had no idea he had the same thing as me. But I had a feeling. Well, when I found out he had ALS I started to well up and I had this feeling of overwhelming fear. I pictured in my head, this is how I'm going to end up. But that's the harsh reality of what this F%#@IN disease does. Claudio was a real fighter(4 long years he battled)-when diagnosed, he was 34 and he passed at 38. Before that Claudio was healthy in every way. He received stem cells 4 different times with improvements! Hope is just around the corner w/ stem cell therapy! That is why I am going back! Again.-WHATEVER IT TAKES!

Here the email I received from my friend Cinzia:

Hello dear Drew, how are you? Did you improve since you went home from China? I Hope yes. Tell me everything please! Sometime I look pictures with you. It makes me happy. Something sad happened here. Claudio is not in this world from September 3, the day he decided to fly to the sky near the Angels. He is an important and beautiful Angel right now and he will see and give us a lot of love from his comfortable cloud. It wasn't his sickness, but his very tired heart. He will make you stronger, to tell everyone that stemcells are the future of your life and the life of everyone who is sick. I hope you can understand my english. The picture is a present for you and for your sister. Say hallo to her. So , I hug and I kiss you so strong and please, be in touch with me again. Love, Cinzia

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Gina (Santoro) Kohr said...

So sorry to hear about your friend Claudio.