Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Drew lost his battle with ALS on Tuesday April 7, 2009. His family would like to thank all of the people who made Drew's journey a little more bearable by following his blog, leaving notes of encouragement and comments. He will not be forgetten.

Thank You,

The Schemera Family


Steve said...

Dear Schemera family,
May you find comfort in all the eyes opened to the reality of ALS through Drew's fighting spirit...may he rest in peace in the shadow of our Lord!

Anonymous said...

Dear Schmera family,

My condolences are with you.

On 3/31/09,I lost my 48-year old husband to this horrible disease.

I read your sons blog all the time and though we never met, I respected his will to live.

God bless. Laurie Horne and Family

Anonymous said...

Dear Drew family and friends,
Our deep sympathy to your family. Drew has been an inspiration for me. Having been an ALS patient myself, I respected Drew's will to fight this terrible disease.
Drew taugh me that "Life is not about waiting for the storm to clear, it's about learning to dance in the rain". I will never forget this.
Drew, Rest In Peace for there is no ALS in heaven.

Lisa N.

Anonymous said...

Drew has been a remarkable inspiration and a true fighter. When the cure is found your hearts will be comforted to know that even though Drew is not here he made major contributions to finding the cure. The cure will be a direct result of Drew's fight, his willingness to venture into stem cells and keeping everyone so informed of what others can do to help fight the fight and find the cure.

Perhaps adding to his blog with some advice for families on how to navigate this horrible disease, the insurance companies, starting a foundation to subsidize the horrible financial costs, what to expect with emotions both for the patient and the family/friends....

Herrad said...

Dear Schmera family,

Really was shocked to read Drew is dead.

My condolences to you .



Traci said...

Dear Schemera Family,
I am so saddened by Drew's passing. My sister, Michelle (age 31) has ALS and we often checked Drew's blog. In fact, we had written back and forth a little bit. I admire Drew, his openness, and his willingness to let all of us into his life. You, his family and friends, must be so very proud of him. Please know that my sister and I think of him, think of you and hope you are all doing okay.

Anonymous said...

Dear Schemera Family,

I am saddened by Drew's passing. His positive attitude and open nature provided me comfort. I checked his blog often and found comfort and encouragement in it.

We who have ALS need to stick together, and he encouraged that. His notes, discoveries and sharing will be missed.

missioninn (patientslikeme.com)

Cinzia quadri said...

Dear Shemera Family,
it was so nice to meet your fantastic Drew in China( june 2007, nan Shan Hospital) and Andra too.I was there with a Big friend of mine: Claudio Poma(ALS too) Drew encouraged Claudio. They agreed too much about fighting against ALS. They were TWO BIG!
Dears, have a confort thinking that in His Eaven there isn't pain and suffering: nothing that can hurt Him.
He still will be near you all, because who flys to the sky is not where He was, but everywhere we are. I feel Claudio's perfume all the time and his love too, and his courage...It will be the same for you with your dear Drew. He will send you love, smiles, courage and strenght ( force). His tenaciousness never will be forget. I hug you and I' near you with love. Cordially, Cinzia Quadri

Sean Murray said...

I'm so sorry about your loss. Drew and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Drew was a true inspiration...he will always be a true inspiration...thank you Drew

kklichtig said...

Dear Schemera family....I am saddened for your loss. Drew has joined a very special band of angels - all taken from us too early. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Kathie Ketels-Lichtig

Anonymous said...

Dear Schemera family,
I was completely shocked and so saddened when I logged on to the blog today (May 3)...I had a baby 23March and have not been online since..in my mind Drew was not sick enough to die....a couple of weeks before I had our baby, Drew sent me a very detailed helpful email (37 year old family member recently diagnosed)which I appreciated so much. Your Drew was a gift to you and so many others.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

I am completely shocked to hear of Drew's passing. I was a past work colleague of his and followed his fight. Unfortunately, i had taken about a month off and coming back to this was just devastating. I will always remember his laughter and how he made all of our lives a little better..I'm sure he went down fighting just as we all knew he would but how we all prayed he could have been the one to beat the odds.

My warmest wishes to your family.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Dear Schemera family,

May God comfort you in these difficult days. My husband was diagnosed with ALS in September of 2008 and his case is very progressive. This week we are at the stage of having a lot of breathing difficulties. I do not know when our time will be, but we totally really on God and his grace to perform a miracle.

Nina Margetis

Anonymous said...

blessings on you all.

mels said...

My father was diagnosed july 2008. I found Drew's blogs very inspiring and hopefull. Reading about his experiences was truly theraputic for me. When I heard of his passing, my heart sank, and I felt hopeless. I didn't have the heart to tell my dad. My dad just passed away to join your Drew, one day before his 65th birhtday, one month after Drew -May 7, 2009.
My God bless you, and give us the strength they were granted as they lived their last months.

LiFeOfZerO said...

ALS is a terrible disease that has degenerative effects on our loved ones. We're trying to do all we can for one of our good friends. Any support would be great.


Anonymous said...














Anonymous said...

dear drews family and friends i am soo very sorry for your loss my draughter Miranda and i had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know your wonderful son drew while we were in china in 2008 i was shocked to hear the news again i am so sorry for your loss
god bless you all
Miranda and Melissa

sayhola said...

Dear Schmera Family:
I met Drew on the pilgrimage to Lourdes in 2006. I truly enjoyed getting to know him and kept in touch from time to time after the trip. I was hoping to find him on facebook, but then remembered about his blog, and looked it up today. I am so sorry for your loss, and am saddened to know that Drew is gone. I am sure that he is now resting peacefully, which he wasn't able to do for such a long time. Thank you for allowing me to get to know him, even only briefly. He was a shining star on that trip and truly exhibited love of life and happiness despite his struggle. I'll never forget the twinkle in his eyes. Thanks again, and sincerest of condolences, ~michelle sayhola@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Drew's Family- I was a classmate of Drews at WNEC and played football with him. I was a friend of his on Facebook and today his picture came up and I had to go to his page. He was a special person who is now in the loving hands of our Lord. God Bless you all this holiday season. Merry Christmas Drew!

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Victoria Panaro said...

Drew was such an inspiration to everyone. He fought for a long time, but now he is resting peaceful with God and is no longer suffering I think of him always. Rest Easy Drew your soul is at peace watching over your loved ones and friends!

Mieka Du Franx said...

Sending my love to Drew's family, he is in a much better place now happy & healthy. Blessings he is certainly not forgotten, with love, Mieka